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High-value Wildlife (1997-   )
Updated Oct 24/10

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A new series of high-value stamps first made their appearance October 15, 1997 with the issue of Canada's first $8 stamp.

Two additional values were released in October 1998.

A fourth value, the $5 Moose appeared in December 2003.

Two new $1 values were issued in October 2005 to replace the stamp issued in 1998.

Two new $2 values were issued in December 2005 to replace the stamp issued in 1998.

These stamps have produced a couple of Canadian "firsts":

  • largest Canadian stamps, to that time ($5 and $8)
  • micro-printing for security purposes
  • largest Canadian stamp by size and denomination ($10)


  64x49mm 48x40mm 128x49mm
  Coated Peterborough Coated  
  12.5x13.1 13.1 12.5x13.1 12.5x13.1
  Pane of 4 Pane of 16 Souvenir sheet Pane of 2
$1 Loon   Oct 27/98 Feb 4/03      
$1 White-tailed Deer       Oct 20/05 Oct 20/05  
$1 Atlantic Walrus       Oct 20/05 Oct 20/05  
$2 Polar Bear   Oct 27/98 Feb 4/03      
$2 Peregrine Falcon       Dec 19/05 Dec 19/05  
$2 Sable Island Horse       Dec 19/05 Dec 19/05  
$5 Moose Dec 19/03          
$8 Grizzly Bear Oct 15/97          
$10 Blue Whale           Oct 4/10

The date shown is the date of issue of that specific variety. A "blank" means the item does not exist.

The $8 Grizzly Bear was issued in panes of 4; field stock (no inscriptions) and philatelic panes (only LR inscription blocks) exist.

The $5 Moose was issued in panes of 4; an inscription appear beside all four stamps. There is no barcode on the pane.

The $10 Blue Whale, Canada's largest and highest denomination stamp, was issued in panes of 2. Under a ultraviolet light, hidden features appear.

The original (1998/2003) $1 & $2 stamps were issued in panes of 16. The Feb 4/03 reprints have a barcode in the right hand selvedge (as part of the LR plate block).

The souvenir sheets issued in 2005 are panes of 4:


$10 Blue Whale pane of 2:

$10 Blue Whale with hidden security features under an ultraviolet light:


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