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Flag - Self-Adhesive (1989-93)
Updated Jan 5/02


Canada's first self-adhesive stamp, featuring the Canadian Flag, appeared in the middle of 1989. Five different values appeared in the ensuing 4 years.

All of the stamps came in booklets of 12, with the booklet selling for more than the actual face value.

All of these stamps are relatively more difficult to find in used condition (particularly with a nice circular date stamp cancel) than their contemporary "gummed" values. This is due in part to a couple of reasons: the premium required to buy a stamp, and all of the booklets were released sometime after the postal rates had been increased (typically, new definitives are released on, or just before, a rate increase). Top


Face Sold for Premium
38c Flag over Forest Jun 30/89 $4.56 $5.00 44c
39c Flag over Prairie Feb 8/90 $4.68 $5.00 32c
40c Flag over Seacoast Jan 11/91 $4.80 $5.25 45c
42c Flag over Mountains Jan 28/92 $5.04 $5.25 21c
43c Flag over Shoreline Feb 15/93 $5.16 $5.25 9c

The date shown is the date of issue of that specific variety. Top


The 39c Flag over Prairie design was used on a Private Order Envelope (windowed, size 10) and a Postal Card (both non-denominated). These were sold through the philatelic agency after being using privately. Top

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