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High-value National Parks (1979-87)
Updated Jan 5/02

Paper Tips (2k)  Background


National Park high-value definitives debuted January 24, 1979 with the release of a $1 Fundy design.

The $1 Fundy is the only value that was released tagged. It was re-issued untagged, as were all of the other values.

The British American Bank Note Company took over the printing of these National Parks from the Canadian Bank Note Company - three designs were affected. Fortunately for the stamp collector, the two different printings can be differentiated: the inscriptions are more pronounced on the BABN printings, compared with the CBN printings.

Three different papers were used on these stamps: Abitibi, Clark, and Harrison. On single copies, it is not possible to separate the Abitibi and Clark papers - inscription blocks are required. Click here for a discussion of identifying modern-day Canadian postage stamp paper. Top


  Abitibi Clark Harrison Harrison
  13 1/3
  Tagged Not tagged
$1 Fundy Jan 24/79 (pl 1) Mar 4/81 (pl 2)      
$1 Glacier     Aug 15/84 (pl 1) Jul 12/85 (pl 2) Sep 26/86 (pl 1)
$1.50 Waterton Lakes   Jun 18/82      
$2 Kluane   Apr 27/79 (pl 1)
Feb 8/81 (pl 2)
Dec 14/84 (pl 3) Mar 15/85 (pl 4)  
$2 Banff       Jun 21/85 (pl 1) Oct 29/86 (pl 1)
$5 Point Pelee   Jan 10/83 (pl 1) Dec 14/84 (pl 2) Aug 30/85 (pl 3)  
$5 La Mauricie       Mar 14/86 (pl 1) Jun 5/87 (pl 1)

The date shown is the date of issue of that specific variety. A "blank" means the item does not exist. Top


Missing inscriptions is a popular error on the high-value National Parks. All but the $5 Point Pelee design exist wit this error: $1 Fundy (not tagged), $1 Glacier (CBN, pl 1), $1.50 Waterton Lakes, $2 Kluane (CBN, pl 1), $2 Banff (CBN), $5 La Mauricie (CBN). Top

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