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On-Line Tagging Catalogue
Updated: 2016-10-18
Total entries: 1782

To encourage the collecting and dissemination of information on this very popular field of Canadian philately, an up-to-date listing of all reported tagging errors in Canada is available for your searching.

This information was gathered by John Jamieson of Saskatoon Stamp Centre and Mirko Zatka, both avid collectors of tagging errors. Tagging errors were first studied and reported by Ken Rose (Calgary), then by George Dunsay (Massachusetts), followed by Del Peters (Saskatoon). This complete collection of errors is now for sale, via Saskatoon Stamp Centre (website).


There are several different searching options available to you, depending on your desires. Choose one, or more options. The more criteria you provide, the narrower the search (ie. the fewer stamps will be found, if any). It is very possible that certain criteria combinations will yield no results!

Images and details, as extracted directly from Del's album pages, will be presented where available.

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* Some printing data has not been fully recorded for all stamps (such as Printer, Fluorescence, and Issue date) - this information will be added as time permits.


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