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Flowers (2004-)
Updated Dec 16/05



The second group of Flower stamps have appeared (Dec 2005). Hopefully this series continues for a third (or even fourth) time! Top


Pane of 6
Vert Coil
Roll of 100
Vert Coil
Roll of 50
  Die cut 8.5 horiz 7 horiz 8.5 hroiz 7 horiz
Domestic First-class rate:
50c Red Calla Lily   Dec 20/04 Feb/05    
51c Bergamot Blossoms     Dec 19/05    
Domestic Non-standard and Oversize rate (0-100g):
$1.05 Pink Fairy Slipper Dec 19/05       Dec 19/05
USA/International rate:
85c Yellow Calla Lily Dec 20/04     Dec 20/04 Feb/05
89c Yellow Lady's Slipper Dec 19/05       Dec 19/05
$1.45 Blue Iris Dec 20/04     Dec 20/04 Feb/05
$1.49 Himalayan Blue Poppies Dec 19/05       Dec 19/05

The date shown is the date of issue of that specific variety. A "blank" means the item does not exist.


The 85c and $1.45 Flower booklet panes each come with TWO different widths of tagging:

  • 4mm solid all around (passes over top of the design
  • 3mm that cuts around the design

The $1.45 booklet comes with the paper designation/colour dots in two different locations:

The $1.45 booklet can also be found with dull and shiny tagging as well as being printed on Tullis Russell Coating paper (even though the paper designation says "F" in the inscription).


Booklet panes
  4mm tagging 3mm tagging
85c Yellow Calla Lily x   x  
  F paper "C" paper Dots at right Dots at left
$1.45 Blue Iris x (*) x x x

* shiny and dull tagging varieties exist

$1.45 Booklet Constant Plate Variety

A constant variety has been found in the inscription of the $1.45 booklet with the colour dots on the left side. It is a break in the letter R of "Lacroix".


50c/85c/$1.45 Coils

If you take any of the original printings of these coil stamps, you will get various die cuts, ranging from 7.9 to 8.9! (and almost every number in between).

They have been reprinted with a serpentine die cut 7 horizontal - these started showing up in late February 2005.

If you are counting "peaks", the original had 9 or 10 peaks, the new perf has 8 peaks. Be warned though - counting peaks is not the same as "perfing" the stamp.

Top: original perf 8.6
Bottom: reprint perf 7

The boxes of 10 rolls that the coils are shipped in now have a UPC barcode handstamped on the side of the box.

Coil Gutter Inscriptions

TWO types of inscriptions exist on the original printings of the three Flower coil definitives (ie. the 'perf 8 1/2' version). The difference is in the location of the paper designation and colour dots compared to the inscription text.

A picture is worth a thousand words...

It turns out that BOTH types of inscriptions have probably been around since the stamps were first issued on Dec 20, 2004.

Notice that the "F above O" seems to have a bolder text font than the "F above R" inscription.

Coil Inscription Error

The $1.45 Flower coil has been found where the inscription, found in the gutter every 10 stamps, has a "0" (zero) character added to the front of the printer's name.

$1.45 Blue Iris Coil
  Perf 8.5 Perf 7
"F over R" x  
"F over O" x (*) x (*)
"F over O", 0Lowe x x

* very difficult to find at this time

Coil Die Cut "Ski Slope" Variety

A constant die cutting variety can be found on all three coil stamps:

  • original printing (serpentine die cut 8 1/2)
  • found on 1 out of 10 rolls
  • between the 3rd and 4th stamps above every gutter on the roll
  • found on both "F over R" and "F over O" inscriptions
  • best collected in gutter strips of 6 or 2 used singles (with variety at top or bottom)




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