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Flag - Coil (1990-99)
Updated Jan 5/11



First-class rate coils with a simple, engraved Flag design appeared in 1990. Six different values have appeared in the ensuing 9 years.

All of the stamps came in rolls of 100 and are perforated 10 horizontally. "Sticks" of 10 attached rolls were distributed to post offices. Individual rolls could be "snapped" apart from the stick. If rolled out carefully, horizontal pairs or larger blocks could be "created". Individual rolls were "attached" to the next by small slits of uncut paper every x number of stamps; just enough to keep the rolls attached and just few enough to allow for the easy separation. An outer wrapper around the 10 rolls (the entire "stick") kept the stick tightly attached. [this was true of all CBN-produced rolls]

Three of the values (43c, 45c, 46c) exist on hi-brite paper, compared to "dull" paper (when viewed under an ultraviolet light).



  Dull Hi-brite
39c purple Feb 8/90  
40c blue Dec 28/90  
42c red Dec 27/91  
43c olive-green Dec 30/92 1994?
45c turquoise blue 1995? Jul 31/95
46c red   Dec 28/98

The date shown is the date of issue of that specific variety. A "blank" means the item does not exist. Teal shaded entries were not announced by Canada Post.


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