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What ultraviolet light do I use?

On this date (November 26) ...

Birth of Armand Frappier (1904)
Death of Otto Neumann Knoph Sverdrup (1930)
Death of Otto Neumann Knoph Sverdrup (1930)

... plus 5 more.

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Line Books (7k) Canada Specialized Books & Album Pages
[updated Nov 21, 2020] 

I have prepared seven different books and album pages on the Canadian definitives issued since 1952. 

Oct 2020: Major updates are underway on these books. As an example, the first edition of the "Environment" book was some 114 pages. A second edition is 482 pages!

The second edition of the "Environment" book is now shipping. Click for details and ordering.

Line Checklists (7k) Canada definitive specialized checklists Checklists of Canadian stamps for the discriminating collector [updated Feb 16/14].

Postal Rates [updated Jan 10/20]


Line Lowe-Martin Serpentine Die Cutting

Lowe-Martin is a printer of Canadian postage stamps. Their coil production has produced thousands of unique stamps due to the serpentine die cutting.

Free, extensive 64-page PDF article available for viewing (updated November 21/20)
Line Machin (9k)Machins
[updated October 11, 2020]

I have always had an interest in the on-going Great Britain Machin series of stamps.

Album pages now available!

Click here to enter the Machin portion of this site (over 350 web pages listing over 2,575 varieties).
Line The Unitrade Specialized Catalogue of Canadian Stamps

I have been the editor of the Unitrade catalogue since November 2004 (fifteen editions now under my belt).

The 2020 Unitrade began shipping November 25.
2020 errata; updated May 14/2020]

Line Elizabethan II Study Group

A specialized Study Group of the British North America Philatelic Society (BNAPS) exists for the Elizabethan II era. I have been editor of the Corgi Times since July 2001.

Click here for information on this study group and its journal, the Corgi Times.
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