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What ultraviolet light do I use?

On this date (May 20) ...

Death of Christopher Columbus (1506)
Birth of Simon Fraser (1776)
Death of George-Etienne Cartier (1873)

... plus 11 more.

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1970 Christmas

2020 marked the 50th anniversary of the 1970 Christmas stamps.

Books (7k)

Read all about it here, and download over 45 hi-res (600dpi) scans of full panes to study for constant plate varieties.

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LineCanada Specialized Books & Album Pages
Books (7k)
[updated Feb 11, 2024] 

I have prepared seven different books and album pages on the Canadian definitives issued since 1952. 

Oct 2020: Major updates are underway on these books.

Second editions of following now available:

  • "Environment" first edition was 114 pages. Second edition is 482 pages! Click for details and ordering.

  • "Mammal" first edition was 82 pages. Second edition is 340 pages! Click for details and ordering.
  • Line Checklists (7k) Canada definitive specialized checklists Checklists of Canadian stamps for the discriminating collector [updated Feb 16/14].

    Postal Rates [updated May 9/24]


    Line Lowe-Martin Serpentine Die Cutting

    Lowe-Martin is a printer of Canadian postage stamps. Their coil production has produced thousands of unique stamps due to the serpentine die cutting.

    Free, extensive 68-page PDF article available for viewing (updated September 30/23)
    Line Machin (9k)Machins
    [updated November 20, 2022]

    I have always had an interest in the on-going Great Britain Machin series of stamps.

    Jan 2022: newly designed site!

    Click here to enter the Machin portion of this site (over 3,000 varieties).
    Line The Unitrade Specialized Catalogue of Canadian Stamps

    I have been the editor of the Unitrade catalogue since November 2004 (nineteen editions now under my belt).

    The 2024 Unitrade began shipping around the end of October 2023.
    2024 errata; updated Mar 26/2024]

    Line Elizabethan II Study Group

    A specialized Study Group of the British North America Philatelic Society (BNAPS) exists for the Elizabethan II era. I have been editor of the Corgi Times since July 2001.

    Click here for information on this study group and its journal, the Corgi Times.
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