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Low-value Traditional Trades (1999-2007)
Updated Sep 19/09

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1c Trade (15k) 2c Trade (15k) 3c Trade (15k) 4c Trade (15k)
5c Trade (15k) 9c Trade (15k) 10c Trade (15k) 15c Trade (15k)


A new series of low-value stamps appeared April 29, 1999 with the release of 9 stamps featuring Trades. This new set of definitives replaced the low-value Berries first seen in August 1992.

Some notable observations:

  • the 9c value is Canada's first ever in this denomination
  • the pre-issue photo for the 10c value included an error of spelling in the inscription (Artisitic). Will any of these "errors" appear on the market? (click for article)
  • first barcodes to appear on the selvedge of a Canadian definitive stamp (Nov 15/01)


Printer: Ashton-Potter CBN
Paper: Coated
Value     Barcode on pane
1c Bookbinding Apr 29/99   Dec 00   Nov 15/01
2c Decorative Ironwork Apr 29/99 Dec 01 Dec 13/02
3c Glass-blowing Apr 29/99    
4c Oyster Farming Apr 29/99   Oct 05
5c Weaving Apr 29/99 Feb 01 Nov 15/01
9c Quilting Apr 29/99    
10c Artistic Woodworking Apr 29/99 Mar 01 Nov 15/01
25c Leatherworking Apr 29/99 Nov 01 Dec 15/01

Illustrations of imprint blocks and full panes can be found below.

There is NO difference between Field and Philatelic stock - all panes have imprints in all four corners.

The barcode issues (1c, 2c, 4c, 5c, 10c, 25c) have a barcode in either the top or bottom imperforate selvedge in columns 5 and 6. The first two printings of each stamp have perforated top and bottom selvedges. Thus, corner plate inscription blocks of 4 are different for all printings.

The date shown is the date of issue of that specific variety. A "blank" means the item does not exist.


Imprint Blocks

Lower Left Imprint Blocks


Full Pane Illustrations

First Printing
Second Printing
Canadian Bank Note Company
Third Printing
CBN - Barcode at top
Third Printing
CBN - Barcode at bottom



A significant perforation shift on the 10c value (CBN printing with barcode) exists that resulted in the top row of stamps being imperforate. However, the post office clerk where these were purchased had already broken the pane into blocks of 10 and, using scissors, cut down between each imperforate stamp.


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