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Medium-value Artifacts (1983-87)
Updated Jan 5/12
Paper Tips (2k)  Background

 Low-value Artifacts


A new series of definitives, featuring Artifacts, appeared in 1982. This type of design lasted just 5-6 years, resulting in 7 low-value and 9 medium-value designs.

The 9 basic medium-value designs have produced only 12 different varieties, all due to paper changes.

Four different paper manufacturers supplied paper for the low-value Artifact sheet stamps. Click here for a discussion of identifying modern-day Canadian postage stamp paper.

All of these stamps were issued in panes of 50, printed by Ashton-Potter, and perf 12 x 12 1/2. Top


  12x12 1/2
Value Abitibi Clark Harrison Rolland
37c Wooden Plough Apr 8/83 May 18/84    
39c Settle-Bed     Aug 1/85  
42c Linen Chest       May 6/87
48c Cradle Apr 8/83 Dec 19/83    
50c Sleigh     Aug 1/85  
55c Iron Kettle     May 6/87  
64c Wood Stove Apr 8/83 Jun 29/84    
68c Spinning Wheel     Aug 1/85  
72c Hand-Drawn Cart       May 6/87

The 50c Sleigh exists in two distinct shades: light blue and dark blue.

The date shown is the date of issue of that specific variety. A "blank" means the item does not exist. Top


The 72c has recently surfaced imperforate - it is believed that this is a "back-door" error. Top

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