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Medium-value Fruit Trees (1991-96)
Updated Aug 15/02

Paper Tips (2k)  Background

 Low-value Edible Berries


The medium-value fruit trees first made their appearance December 27, 1991. Twelve different designs have appeared in both sheet (panes of 50) and booklet (panes of 5) forms.

As postal rates increased on an almost annual basis, three new values were issued on four different occassions: a USA rate (48c-52c), second step rate (65c-71c), and international rate (84c-90c).

All but 2 of these values exist in more than one form, whether it be a perforation change, different paper, or tagging styles:

  • perforations are either 13.1x13.1 (perf 13) or 14.4x13.8 (perf 14 1/2 x 14)
  • the 88c value comes with either block tagging or 3-bar tagging
  • three different paper types exist: Coated, Harrison, and Peterborough. Click here for a discussion of identifying modern-day Canadian postage stamp paper.
  • 8 values come in booklet forms (the USA and international-rate values)


[ This is a "wide" table, by necessity - too many varieties! ]

  Sheet   Booklet
  13.1 14.4x13.8   14.4x13.8 13.1
  Coated Harrison Peterborough Coated   Coated Harrison Peterborough
Value Block 3-bar Block 3-bar Block 3-bar   Block 3-bar Block 3-bar Block 3-bar
USA rate:
48c Macintosh Apple Dec 27/91               Dec 27/91            
49c Delicious Apple Dec 30/92   Jan 7/94           Dec 30/92       Jan 7/94    
50c Snow Apple Apr 10/95   Feb 25/94           Mar 27/95         Feb 25/94
Mar 27/95
52c Gravenstein Apple Oct 96     Jul 31/95   Oct 6/95     Oct 6/95   Oct 96     Jul 31/95  
2nd step rate:
65c Black Walnut Dec 27/91                            
67c Beaked Hazelnut Dec 30/92                            
69c Shagbark Hickory Apr 10/95   Feb 25/94                        
71c American Chestnut Oct 6/95     Jul 31/95   Dec 95                  
International rate:
84c Stanley Plum Dec 27/91               Dec 27/91            
86c Bartlett Pear Dec 30/92   Jan 7/94           Dec 30/92       Jan 7/94    
88c Westcot Apricot   Apr 10/95   Feb 25/94 Nov 14/94         Mar 27/95       Feb 25/94 Nov 14/94
90c Elberta Peach   Oct 6/95     Jul 31/95   Spring 96     Oct 6/95   Oct 96     Jul 31/95

The date shown is the date of issue of that specific variety. A "blank" means the item does not exist. Teal shaded entries were not announced by Canada Post. Top

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