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Flag - First Class Rate (1989-2001)
Updated Jan 5/02

Paper Tips (2k) Background


A 39c Flag over Clouds first-class rate definitive, issued at the end of 1989, was the start of a new series of definitives that is still "going strong".

Some 7 different designs have been used to date. However, with different printers, papers, perforations, sizes of stamps, booklets, etc., over 25 different distinguishable varieties exist!

Four different paper manufacturers have supplied paper: Peterborough, Slater, Coated Paper, and JAC. Click here for a discussion of identifying modern-day Canadian postage stamp paper.

Virtually all of the varieties were available in large quantities and used extensively over the years. One variety was not announced by the post office and has proved to be a bit more scarce (39c, perf 12 3/4 x 13.1).

The sheet stamps were issued in panes of 100 except for 2 values: 45c (smaller size) and 46c are panes of 120. The 47c value has not been issued in sheet format - only in booklets. Top


[ This is a "wide" table, by necessity - too many varieties! ]

  Sheet   Booklet
  13.6x13.1 13x13 1/3 13.6x13.1 12 3/4x13.1 14.5x14.6   13.6x13.1 13x13 1/3 Imperf 13.6x13.1 13x13 1/3 Imperf 14.5x14.6
Value Peterborough Coated Peterborough Coated Peterborough Coated   Slater Coated JAC Coated Peterborough Coated JAC Coated
39c Flag over Clouds Dec 28/89     Feb 14/90   Dec 90     Dec 28/89 (10/25)                
40c Flag over Mountains   Dec 28/90               Dec 28/90 (10/25)              
42c Flag over Hills         Dec 27/91         Dec 27/91 (10/25/50)              
43c Flag over Field   Nov 14/94     Dec 30/92   Jan 7/94     Dec 30/92 (10/25)     Nov 14/94 (10/25)       Jan 7/94 (10/25)
45c Flag over Building Apr 5/96 Oct 6/95         Jul 31/95           Oct 6/95 (10/25) Apr 5/96 (10/25)     Jul 31/95 (10/25)
45c Flag over Building
(smaller size)
    Feb 2/98               Feb 2/98 (30)
Fall 98 (30)
      Feb 2/98 (10)
Fall 98 (10)
46c Flag over Iceberg     Dec 28/98                 Dec 28/98 (30)     Dec 28/98 (10)    
47c Flag over Inukshuk                       Dec 28/98 (30)       Dec 28/00 (10)  

The date shown is the date of issue of that specific variety. For booklets, the numbers in parentheses are the number of stamps per pane. A "blank" means the item does not exist. Teal shaded entries were not announced by Canada Post. Top

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