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Medium-value Mammals (1987-91)
Updated Jan 5/02
Paper Tips (2k)  Background

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The medium-value Wildlife stamps started out innocently enough in 1988, but in the short span of 3 years and a total of 12 designs later, many unannounced varieties made this series extremely popular with collectors.

The 7 different stamps that appeared unannounced by Canada Post have turned out to be some of Canada's rarest modern definitives, particularly the 74c Waptiti printed on Rolland paper and the 44c Atlantic Walrus perf 13 3/4x13.1 - both sell for $350 or more for a MNH single! The other 5 stamps all sell for significant premiums ($10-75).

Although only 1 printer printed these stamps, no less than 5 different perforation types exist and 4 different paper manufacturers supplied paper! Click here for a discussion of identifying modern-day Canadian postage stamp paper.

All of the medium-value Wildlife stamps were issued in panes of 50 stamps. The first 3 designs issued were slightly smaller in size compared to the last 9 stamps issued.



[ This is a "wide" table, by necessity - too many varieties! ]

  12x12 1/2 14.4x13.8 13 3/4x13.1 13.1   12 1/2x13.1
Value Rolland Harrison Harrison Slater Peterborough Slater Peterborough   Slater Coated
USA rate:
43c Lynx   Jan 18/88                  
44c Atlantic Walrus     Jan 18/89 Jun 9/89   Nov 89       Jan 18/89
Mar 17/89
45c Pronghorn       Jan 12/90     Apr 90     Jan 12/90  
46c Wolverine         Dec 28/90     Dec 28/90     Dec 28/90
2nd step rate:
57c Killer Whale Jan 18/88 Sep 26/88                  
59c Musk Ox     Jan 18/89 Fall 89     Nov 1/89        
61c Timber Wolf       Jan 12/90     Jun 90        
63c Harbour Porpoise         Dec 28/90     Dec 28/90      
International rate:
74c Wapiti late 88 Jan 18/88                  
76c Grizzly Bear     Jan 18/89 Aug 25/89     Nov 89     Jan 18/89
Mar 17/89
78c Beluga       Jan 12/90     Apr 90     Jan 12/90  
80c Peary Caribou         Dec 28/90     Dec 28/90     Dec 28/90

The date shown is the date of issue of that specific variety. A "blank" means the item does not exist. Teal shaded entries were not announced by Canada Post.


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