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Every hobby and pastime has its own terminology - studying Canadian Elizabethan-era stamps is no different.

Here are some terms you will run across as you collect and study this field of stamp collecting...

cover, postage due, booklet panel, die cut, inscription, plate block, pane, sheet, selvedge, envelope, postal card, IRC, barcode, albino, paper crease, fold-over, paper manufacturers, printers (CBN, AP, LM, etc.), quarterly pack, souvenir collection, souvenir sheet, PCF, Klussendorf, ink jet, roulette, tagging, plate variety, wrapper, perforation, fluorescence, hi-bright, dull, coated, kiloware (mission mixture), greetings stamps, picture postage, FDC

In the list above, click the first letter of the term you are looking for.

Various reference works were used to gather the definitions used here:

  • Linn's World Stamp Almanac
  • Standard Handbook of Stamp Collecting, Cabeen
  • Fundamentals of Philately, L.N. and L.M. Williams
  • website
  • The Stamp Collector's Encyclopaedia, R.J. Sutton
  • Canada Post details magazine
  • articles (from various sources) by Leopold Beaudet

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