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Canada definitive specialized checklists
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These checklists are extracted from my series of specialized Canadian definitive books (for details on these books, click here).

The checklists, as they appear now, are complete. However, additional pictures and links to more tables are forthcoming - please check back (eg. I hope to add checklists of all known perfins, booklets, tag errors, etc.).

Errors/corrections: these lists are constantly being revised (particularly with the addition of more images, notes, and cross-references to more tables). If you spot a mistake anywhere, please pass along an e-mail as soon as possible! Thank you very much.

 Study notes:  Karsh/Wilding/Cameo:  Centennial:  Caricature & Landscape:  Environment:  Artifact & Parliament:  Mammals & Architecture:  Berries, Fruit & Flag:  Trade, Leaf & Wildlife:  Insect, Flag, Leaf & Flower:  2010 Winter Games  Baby WIldlife

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