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Updated: Jul 14, 2021
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Canadian Specialized Definitive Books

I have published seven different books on the Canadian definitives issued since 1952. Canada has been very prolific in releasing definitive stamps over the past 60 years but very little has been written about them (except for the Centennials).

Scott Publishing has changed quite a few numbers to recent Canadian definitives:
see listings: Apr 2002, Apr 2008

KWC Centennial Caricature Environment Artifact Wildlife Fruit/Flag
1952-53 Karsh
1954-62 Wilding
1962-66 Cameo

[ 210 pages, Nov 1998 ]
1967-73 Centennials
[ 438 pages, Jul 2000 ]
1972-78 Caricature
[ 66 pages, Apr 1997 ]
1977-87 Environment
[ 116 pages, Apr 1997 ]
[ 482 pages, Nov 2020 ]

Second edition now available (Nov 2020). Click for details.

1982-89 Artifact
[ 88 pages, Apr 1997 ]
1987-2001 Mammals
[ 82 pages, Apr 1997 ]
[ 340 pages, Jul 2021 ]

Second edition now available (Jul 2021). Click for details.

1989-96 Fruit/Flag
[ 120 pages, Apr 1997 ]


September 2011: I can supply printed-on-demand first edition books, without binding [second edition books are coil bound]. These copies will include corrections to the errors that have been found since the initial publication. Specify if you would like them 3-hole punched. Book prices (in Canadian dollars; shipping extra).

(208 pages) - $29.95 (438 pages) - $49.95 (hardbound available at $79.95) (66 pages) - $14.95
Sep 2011: (130 pages) - $20.95
(116 pages) - $18.95 (88 pages) - $16.95 (82 pages) - $17.95 (120 pages) - $19.95
Sep 2011: (152 pages) - $24.95
  • Set of all seven - $139.50 Sep 2011: $145.00 - Please e-mail for price.
  • GST/HST (in Canada), and shipping are extra
  • Payment by PayPal preferred (cannot accept Visa, MasterCard)
  • A specialized series of album pages are also available (sold separately) to complement the books.
Spiral binding: I can print the book on-demand and take it to a store (such as Staples?) and get the book spiral bound. Since I live in rural Manitoba and am over an hour away from the nearest place that might offer spiral binding, this option will add a bit of cost and days/weeks to the expected shipping time. It may be faster/cheaper for you to take an unbound copy to your local printing house for binding.

Book features
Specialized album pages [ updated Sep 28/11 ]
Feedback, reviews, awards

Additions, corrections since publication:

 View Table of contents: All are in PDF format - the free Adobe Acrobat Reader is required.

 Karsh/Wilding/Cameo (26k)
Centennial (43k)
 Caricature/Landscape (28k)
Environment (45k)
Artifact/Parliament (31k)
Wildlife/Architecture (30k)
Fruit/Flag (40k)

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Some of the features found in each book include (click on the links to actual pages):

  • 8 x 11 format for easy study and updating
  • at least one page (sometimes two pages) devoted to each stamp
  • specialized catalogue listings (fully priced) with many varieties illustrated
  • individual stamp timelines noting the stamp's intended usage, period of use, and replacement stamp
  • all paper, perforation, tagging, perfins, booklets, se-tenant booklet single combinations are listed and priced
  • relevant perforation gauge appears with a stamp's listing, where required
  • selected postal rates for that period
  • quantities printed (where known)
  • withdrawal dates (where known)
  • sorting tips
  • stationery where same stamp design is used (Karsh/Wilding/Cameo book)
  • sheet and pane layouts, inscriptions, and booklets/booklet covers fully illustrated

These provide the most thorough coverage of each stamp and its series ever published for these definitives.

Each book went through a dozen (or more) drafts and were seen by recognized philatelists around North America.

The set of books won a VERMEIL award at ORAPEX 1997 which included Canada's Fourth National Philatelic Literature Exhibition held in Ottawa, Ontario from April 26-27, 1997.

They also won a VERMEIL award at the APS Stampshow 97 held in Milwaukee from August 21-24, 1997.

The Centennial book won a VERMEIL award at the APS Stampshow 2001 held in Chicago from August 23-26, 2001.

Click here for feedback, reviews, and awards.

What Canadian specialized catalogue would YOU like to see published next?

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Update first 5 volumes initially released Apr 97
Elizabethan commemoratives
George VI
Large/Small Queens
Pre-Confederation (1867)

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