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Parliament - Booklet/Coil (1985-89)
Updated Jan 5/02

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 Booklet Checklist
 Coil Checklist

 1st class Parliament


The booklet and coil Parliament checklists are listed here on the same page because they share a similar design and they are all engraved, single-colour stamps (compared to the multicolour first-class letter rate stamps).

  • Booklet singles

    The Parliament booklet stamps were all released in vending machine booklets that sold for 50c. Four such booklets appeared, each containing one first-class letter rate stamp (34c, 36, 37, or 38c) and additional values to make the total face value of the booklet equal 50c.

    The Parliament design featured either the Rear of the Parliament buildings (34c, 36, 37, 38c); the West Block (2c, 6c henna brown); or the East Block (1c, 5c, 6c purple)

    All of the booklet stamps have either one or two straight edges and are perforated 12 1/2 x 12. Three different paper manufacturers supplied paper for the booklet stamps. Click here for a discussion of identifying modern-day Canadian postage stamp paper.

  • Coils

    First-class rate coils with a simple, engraved Parliament design appeared in 1985. Only four different values appeared in the ensuing 4 years.

    All of the stamps came in rolls of 100 and are perforated 10 horizontally. All exist imperforate.

    The 37c value has been found on a different paper, Rolland, than the original printings - it is extremely scarce. It is believed that this printing was only available in the 1988 annual souvenir collection as pairs. Top

Booklet Checklist

BK92 (16k)
    Abitibi Rolland Harrison
  View Uncoated Coated
1c lime green East   Mar 30/87 Feb 3/88
Apr 9/88
Sep 29/88
2c deep green West Jun 21/85 Jun 21/85
Nov 21/85
2c slate green West     Jan 18/89
5c brown East Jun 21/85 Jun 21/85
Nov 21/85
6c henna brown West   Mar 30/87 Oct 1/87
Feb 3/88
Apr 9/88
Sep 29/88
6c purple East     Jan 18/89
Oct 89
34c blue Rear Jun 21/85 Jun 21/85
Nov 21/85
36c dark lilac rose Rear   Mar 30/87 Oct 1/87
37c blue Rear     Feb 3/89
Apr 9/88
Sep 29/88
38c blue Rear     Jan 18/89
Oct 89


Coil Checklist

  Peterborough Rolland
34c dull red-brown Aug 1/85  
36c red May 19/87  
37c blue Feb 22/88 1988
38c green Feb 1/89  

The date shown is the date of issue of that specific variety. A "blank" means the item does not exist. Teal shaded entries were not announced by Canada Post. Top

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