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Canadian Specialized Album Pages
Updated: Dec 1, 2016

Canada Specialized Album Pages

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Sample page:

Specialized album pages are available that complement the books noted above. Effective December 1, 2016 these pages are now offered as PDF files (one reason is the rising mailing costs).

Sample Album Page (9k) They provide spaces for all major varieties, including ribbed, hi-brite, untagged and miscellaneous tag errors, imperforates, missing/inverted colours, perfins, booklet panes and booklet covers. Spaces for all stamps and most booklet covers are illustrated.


* pages are designed for 8 1/2 x 11 inches.

* pages are 'secured' Adobe PDF which allows you to print, but not copy/alter. I wish I could provide them as non-secured, but am cognizant of the high risk of theft. Wouldn't you want to protect your work?

* after your PalPay payment, I will send you to the link(s) for the PDF file(s).

* all future updates to your purchased pages are free.

* no catalogue numbers are presented.

* sorry, the pages are only available in English.

* you print the pages; not myself. Actual stamps and/or mounts are not included.

Album (PDF) prices (in Canadian dollars):

  Pages PDF
Sample PDF
1. Karsh/Wilding/Cameo 117 C$15.00 click
2. Centennial 213 25.00 click
3. Caricature & Landscape 39 5.00 click
4. Environment 104 15.00 click
5. Artifact & Parliament 88 7.50 click
6. Wildlife & Architecture 50 5.00 click
7. Fruit & Flag 149 15.00 click
8. Trades, Leaf, Wildlife, Flower 58 5.00 click
9. Olympics 15 5.00 click
10. Baby Wildlife/Flag 41 5.00 click
  Set of all ten 874 C$75.00  

  • GST/HST extra to Canadian addresses
  • Payment by PayPal only (cannot accept Visa, MasterCard)


The album pages are available NOW directly from myself.

(e-mail to place your order)

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