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Jet Spray Printer - cancelling equipment installed in late 1992/early 1993 into existing OCR and MLOCR equipment that applied a cancel with a jet spray of ink.

The wording of the jet spray cancellation can be changed at any time.

See Inkjet cancellation.

Inkjet cancellation
Joint issue - two or more countries honouring the same event by issuing similar (or not) designs on the same date.

Canada's joint issues include:

Issue Date Country
5c St. Lawrence Seaway 1959 USA
10c US Bicentennial 1976 USA
12c Peace Bridge* 1977 USA
32c Jacques Cartier 1984 France
32c St. Lawrence Seaway* 1984 USA
39c Norman Bethune (pair) 1990 China
42c Alaska Highway** 1992 USA
45c John Cabot 1997 Italy
46c Marco Polo* 1999 Australia
48c Corals (block of 4) 2002 Hong Kong
48c National Trees (pair) 2003 Thailand
49c Otto Sverdrup 2004 Greenland, Norway
49c French Settlement 2004 France
50c Biosphere Reserves 2005 Ireland
50c Big Cats 2005 China
51c Champlain 2006 USA
52c Quebec City 2008 France
52c Anne of Green Gables 2008 Japan
$1.70 Canada-Israel Friendship 2010 Israel
57c Marine Life 2010 Sweden
P (61c) War of 1812 2012 Guernsey
P (85c) Diwali 2017 India
P (85c) History of Hockey 2017 USA
* not the same design
** issued 15 days apart; different designs


Joint issue between Canada and France
Jubilee - strictly speaking, a fiftieth anniversary. In philately, the silver (25th anniversary), golden (50th) and diamond (60th) jubilees of a ruler's reign or a country's independence are favourite subjects for commemorative stamps.
Silver and Golden Jubilees
Jump strip - a coil pair (or strip of 4) showing the slight jump in the adjacent stamp designs of two stamps. This is the location on the printing sheet where the sheet ends meet when curved around the printing cylinder. Jumps are usually collected in strips of 4 stamps with the jump in the middle of the strip.

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