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Karsh - nickname given to Canada's first Elizabethan-era definitives of 1952-1953, whose design was based on a photograph by Yosuf Karsh.

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Karsh definitive
Kiloware - a stamp mixture, consisting of miscellaneous, unsorted stamps on envelope corner paper from various sources. Kiloware is often sold by the kilogram (about 2.2 pounds) or pound.

See Mission mixture.

(illustrated is about 1 kilogram already started to being sorted)

Klüssendorf cancellation - very distinctive dater hub machine cancellation equipment introduced in 1983 to small to medium-sized post offices. Initial distribution was made to 320 offices.

All Klüssendorf machines came equipped with the POSTAL CODE slogan which resulted in an increase in the overall use of this particular die. Other slogans also exist.

Klüssendorf cancellation

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