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Our study group functions under the auspices of the British North America Philatelic Society (BNAPS).

Membership in BNAPS is a prerequisite to membership in the Elizabethan II Study group (ESG). Your initial membership in BNAPS includes a free one-year membership in any one of the BNAPS study groups (your choice - you will pick the ESG, won't you?).

For BNAPS membership information, click here, or contact:

Elizabethan II Study Group annual dues:
  •  C$10.00 per year (we 'deliver' the journal via a PDF download)

    Our 'year' is July 1 to June 30.

You will receive our journal, The Corgi Times, as part of your membership.

For further ESG information, e-mail the Editor Robin Harris

Corgi Times Back Issues: (for ESG members; six issues per volume)

  • Sample or single issues C$3.50, US$3.50 each

  • Vol I through V: C$17/vol, US$17/vol
  • Vol VI: C$21, US$21
  • Vol VII: C$18.50, US$18.50
  • Vol VIII to XII: C$20, US$20

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