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Label - usually any adhesive item not valid for postage.
Leigh-Mardon Pty, Limited - a printer of Canadian postage stamps, with headquarters in Australia.  
Line engraving - printing done from an intaglio plate produced from a hand-engraved die and transfer roller rather than by photographic or chemical means.
Line engraving
Line pair - a line through the perforations found between a pair of coil stamps.
Line perforation - a single row of perforating punches, doing one line of perforation at one stroke.

See also comb perforation.

Lithography - plane surface printing method based upon the antipathy of oil and water. In offset lithography, the image is first picked up by a rubber blanket, which in its turn transfers the design to the paper. In modern photo-lithography the image is printed photographically on to an etched or grained zinc or aluminium foil or plate, which can then be attached to the cylinder of a rotary press.

See Photogravure.

Locals - local stamps are those, whether issued privately or officially, whose postal validity is restricted to a particular district, route, or service, and are not available for general national or internationals use.
Lowe-Martin - a printer of Canadian postage stamps, with headquarters in Ottawa, Ontario.  

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