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This is a sampling of literature that is currently available (perhaps from your favourite stamp dealer)...

St. Lawrence Seaway
The 1959 St. Lawrence Seaway Joint Issue and its Invert (Charles J.G. Verge, 2009, Spiral bound, 208 pages)    
Canada Catalogues
Canada Post Official First Day Covers (Andrew Chung, 2015, Spiral bound, 290 pages) Darnell Stamps of Canada Catalogue (Darnell, 2004, Spiral, 400+ pages) Unitrade Specialized Catalogue of Canadian Stamps (Unitrade, 2022, Spiral bound, 784 pages)
Elizabethan Era Postal Rates

Postal Rates and Fees of the Elizabethan Era in Canada 1952-2002 (Andrew Chung, Harry W.E. Machum, Roger F. Narbonne, 2004, Spiral bound, 502 pages) Postal Rates and Fees of the Elizabethan Era from Canada 1952-2005, Volume Two (Andrew Chung, Harry W.E. Machum, Roger F. Narbonne, 2006, Spiral bound, 276 pages)
Harris Specialized Catalogues
1952-53 Karsh/1954-62 Wilding/1962 Cameo Definitives (D. Robin Harris, 1998, Spiral bound & 3-hole, 210 pages) Centennial Definitive Series 1967-1973 (D. Robin Harris, 2000, Spiral bound & 3-hole & Hardbound, 438 pages) Caricature & Landscape Definitive Series 1972-1978 (D. Robin Harris, 1997, Spiral bound & 3-hole, 66 pages)
Environment Definitive Series 1977-1987, 2nd Edition (D. Robin Harris, 2020, Spiral bound, 482 pages, Colour) Artifact and Parliament Definitive Series 1982-1989 (D. Robin Harris, 1997, Spiral bound & 3-hole, 88 pages) Wildlife and Architecture Definitive Series 1987-1996 (D. Robin Harris, 2021, Spiral bound, 340 pages, C0lour)
Fruit and Flag Definitive Series 1989-1996 (D. Robin Harris, 1997, Spiral bound & 3-hole, 120 pages)
Milos Canadian Stamp Handbooks
Part 2 - The Centennials (Michael Milos, 1982, 3-hole, 44 pages) Part 5 - Canada Post Cello-Paqs and Souvenir Articles (Michael Milos, 1985, 3-hole, 24 pages) Part 7 - The Caricature and Landscape Definitives 1972-1978 (Michael Milos, 1988, 3-hole, 32 pages)
Part 9 - Elizabethan high value (Michael Milos, 1996, 3-hole, 102 pages) Part 10 - Elizabethan low value (Michael Milos, 1996, 3-hole, 40 pages)
Canada 1967-73 Definitive Issue (Douglas C. Irwin and Murray Freedman, 1984, Perfect bound or Hardbound, 112 pages) Canadian Tagged Errors and Tagged Perfins (Ken Rose, 1995, Stapled, 28 pages). Tagging lists now available on-line, click here. Strike, Courier and Local Post of the Eilzabethan Era, 2nd edition (Earle L. Covert, 1992, Stapled, 86 pages)
General Reference Books
Fundamentals of Philately (L.N. Williams, 1990, Hardbound, 862 pages) Foundations of Philately (Winthrop S. Boggs, 1955, Hardbound, 196 pages) Linn's World Stamp Almanac (Linn's Stamp News, 2000, Perfect bound, 1056 pages)

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Canadian Stamp News
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Scott Stamp Monthly
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Society Journals
Canadian Philatelist
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Maple Leaves
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