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BABN - acronym for British American Bank Note Company, a printer of Canadian stamps (see below).
Back-of-the-Book - stamps listed in the back of the Unitrade or Darnell catalogues. The catalogue number is typically preceded by a letter. Air mail, postage due, semi-postals, and other similar stamps are generally listed in the back-of-the-book.
Barcode - a Universal Product Code (UPC) image applied to a booklet cover or in the margin (selvedge) of a pane of stamps which is scanned at the time of purchase to aid in an inventory control computer program.
Bicolour - a stamp printed in two colours.

See Multicolour.

Bilingual - stamps inscribed in two languages. Many Canadian stamps have both English and French inscriptions (text).

Some joint issues include text from the participating nation.

Bisect - a stamp cut into two parts (diagonally, vertically, or horizontally), each part paying postage of half the face value of the complete stamp.
Blind perforations - impressions made for perforations but not fully removed. These are considered freaks, not errors, and do not command a premium. Not to be confused with imperforate stamps.
Blind perforations
Block - a multiple of stamps, generally four (or more).
Block (of four)
BNAPS - acronym for British North America Philatelic Society.

Click for website.

Booklet - pane(s) of stamps (booklet pane) bundled together between a thick cover and sold in a convenient format to the public.

Early Elizabethan-era booklets were stapled or stitched at one edge between two separate covers (front and back). Beginning in 1968, the booklet pane was glued to a single cover (ie. integral booklet), folded in half. Larger booklets required the pane of stamps to be folded once or twice. In recent years, larger self-adhesive booklets have been folded into two or three parts.

Booklet pane - a small block of stamps sold in a booklet.
Booklet pane
Bourse - a meeting of dealers or of collectors where stamps change hands either by cash or trade; a stamp show will typically have a stamp exhibition and a stamp bourse.
British American Bank Note Company - a printer of Canadian postage stamps.  

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