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Earliest Known Use - (EKU) the earliest recorded date of a cancellation of a stamp that did not have a specified date of issue by the post office. A stamp with a recognized first day of issue that is know used prior to its date of issue is known as a pre-date.
EFO - acronym for Errors, Freaks and Oddities.

See also: error, freak, oddity.

EKU - acronym for Earliest Known Use. (see above).
Embossing - the process of giving relief to paper by pressing it with a die. The result is a raised portion of the design.
End strip - the last group of stamps in a coil roll containing additional paper. End strips on the early Elizabethan-era coils consisted of 10-15 blank 'stamps' with the word 'End' printed at the end of the strip. The more recent self-adhesive rolls have a 5mm backing paper end that is taped to a thick cardboard stiffening tube. End strips are usually collected in strips of 4 stamps plus the complete end strip.
End strip
Engraved (intaglio) - a form of stamp printing where the ink is carried in depressions below the surface of the plate. The ink is picked up from the depressions in the printing medium by the paper. Consequently the coloured portions of the design on the printed stamp are slightly raised.
Entire - a complete folded letter sheet or envelope (or any cover). If the stamp indicium (imprinted stamp) is cut from the stationery item, a cut square is created.
Envelope - a form of stationery that is sealed on three sides, with a stamp indicium and room for a mailing address on the front.
Error - A stamp released to the public that contains some sort of major mistake in the design or production of the stamp. This can include:
Essay - a proposed stamp design submitted to the postal authorities but not accepted. Some essays are rendered photographically, others are drawn in pencil or ink or are painted.

Click for a list of BNA Proofs and Essays (another website).

Exhibition - a show featuring stamp exhibits (collections written up for display purposes).

See Bourse.



Expertization - having a stamp or cover examined by a recognized expert or expert committee and given a certificate of opinion as to its genuineness or otherwise.
Exploded booklet - a stamp booklet taken apart and displayed page by page.
Exploded booklet

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