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Valley - the nickname given to the 'hole' on a die-cut simulated perforation on a self-adhesive stamp. See Peak.
'Vancouver overprint' - rush printing of the 48c Flag over Canada Post building inscribed in red "Vancouver/2010", issued July 11, 2003, just 9 days after the 21st Winter Olympic Games of 2010 were awarded to the Vancouver-Whistler, BC region. Some 60% of the total printing order was distributed in British Columbia with the remaining 40% being sold across the rest of Canada.

This was not an overprint as the new inscription was added to the master printing cylinder and printed along with the rest of the stamp design.

Less than 100 First Day Covers were prepared by four collectors.

Vancouver 2010 'overprint'
Varieties - stamps which in detail differ from the ordinary or normal issue fall within this category, and may be minor or major varieties according to their importance - or merely 'flyspeck' and inconstant variations. Thus a printing variety is one that occurs during a 'run', and is often inconstant; but a plate variety, being due to a defect, flaw, or damage, may be recurring and constant.
Vert. - upright. As opposed to horizontal. Often shortened to 'vert.' when describing a stamp's format.
Vignette - an illustration that shades off at its edges to invisibility. It is a stamp-printer's normal expedient to render less obtrusive the invariable slight lack of true registration in printing bi-coloured stamps, or from two dies or plates.

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