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National Archives of Canada - The National Archives of Canada is located at 395 Wellington Street in Ottawa, Ontario.

The Archives' preserves tens of millions of records ranging from personal photographs to official government documents, including millions of postal items. It is open to all researchers, whether professional or amateur. Visitors are always welcome to enjoy the exhibitions.

Website: Library and Archives Canada
Website: Canadian Postal Archives

National Archives of Canada
New issue service - a dealer service that automatically supplies subscribers with new issues of a given country, area or topic.
N.H. - abbreviation for 'never hinged'. A stamp without hinge marks.
Nibs - small paper adhesions on serpentine die cutting self-adhesive rolls between stamps to keep adjoining stamps together while wound and stored on a coil roll.
Non-denominated - stamps with no denomination indicated. See Permanent(tm).
Non-denominated stamps

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