Simplifying the Machins (aka Machins 101)

If you are new to Machin collecting and are looking for a simplified way to sort and organize your accumulation, here is a free 32-page PDF (Adobe Acrobat Reader required) that provides 26+ sorting criteria.

Use this document as a guide to sorting your Machins to whatever level of specialization that you want.

A free "basic" set of album pages (PDF) is also available for download. For other types of album pages, click here.

Note: If you are mounting mint self-adhesive Machins with the original backing paper, do *not* cut the backing paper to fit any album spaces; always cut your mount to fit the original sized Machin stamp with backing paper.


Download Simplifying the Machins
(32 pages, 17.97Mb)

[Updated Apr 3/23]

Download "Basic" album pages
(30 pages, 1.53Mb)

[Updated Nov 13/22]


I have given Zoom presentations using my Simplifying the Machins guide on a few occasions.

A talk to the Owen Sound stamp club on April 21, 2021 was recorded, which you can view/download below.


Click to download 51 minute video (529Mb)

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For even more varieties on Machin stamps, check out The Complete Deegam Machin Handbook (simply the best Machin
 handbook available anywhere) by Douglas Myall - click for details.

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