Machin Back Prints

On a couple of occasions Machins have appeared with "back prints" - three such designs have been used. These stamps indicated they were sold at a discount.

By the way, the back print was printed on top of the gum. As such, you may not find any examples on used Machins since soaking the used stamp from its envelope/cover/piece removes the gum at the same time. In our over 250,000 used Machins, I found less than a handful of copies with a portion of the back print still visible. Visitors of this site have passed along scans/stamps of their back prints ... great finds!

D back print (6k)
D (for "Discount")

Stamps with this design:

D back print (6k)
Star (Type 1)

Stamps with this design:

D back print (6k)
Star (Type 2)

Stamps with this design:

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