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One of the reasons for creating this website was to force myself to organize our Machins. The end result is a series of album pages catered to different levels of collecting. A checklist of features found in the four sets of album pages appears below.

This is just one way to organize your Machin collection. I am not saying that is the best way for you; it is just one method and it works for me. Many collectors will develop their own pages. Many may use stock books, which allows for the easy movement of stamps as new varieties are issued.

Every effort is made to have these album pages as complete and accurate as possible. Corrections and additions are made as necessary. I apologize for any errors that may still be lurking within the pages.

Note: If you are mounting mint self-adhesive Machins with the original backing paper, do *not* cut the backing paper to fit any album spaces; always cut your mount to fit the original sized Machin stamp with backing paper.

NO stamps are included with any of these album pages!

By purchasing and downloading these page you acknowledge you are using them for your own personal use.

Basic album - Free
The 'Basic' album features one example of every major value and colour Machin stamp. This set includes spaces for some 500+ different stamps. A collection of this type requires absolutely no tool of any kind (such as a perforation gauge, magnifying glass, or ultraviolet lamp). Each stamp can be easily identified at a quick glance.

For the more advanced collector or the collector of bulk used material, you could use these pages as a guide in the initial sorting of your accumulation. These pages are free for the downloading.

Novice album - C$30
The 'Novice' album includes spaces for all of the major varieties that a collector of used stamps can identify with some basic stamp collecting tools (perforation gauge, magnifying glass, and ultraviolet lamp).

Varieties separated at this 'level' include self-adhesives, the EME-image, perforation differences, printing methods, and tagging (2-band, 1-band, colour of tagging).

There are spaces for about 1,150 different single stamps presented in the 'Novice' album pages.

Two sets of of album pages are available: organized by 'type' (that is, within each country, all '2-band' phosphors are grouped together, all 'center band' phosphors are grouped together, etc.) and by 'denomination'.


view 4-page PDF sample by 'type'


view 4-page PDF sample by 'denomination'

Intermediate album - C$45 (price includes the Novice album above)

The 'Intermediate' album adds spaces for a few more varieties that can generally be easy to 'see': source of the stamp (i.e. coil, booklet pane, or sheet), Head and country symbol types, screened values, back prints.

This set gives spaces for over 1,400 different single stamps, sorted by denomination.

In addition, you can download a "no picture" set of these pages, at no extra charge (i.e. included). That is, a set of pages without the stamp images, in case you are concerned about hinging your used stamps to an image that may transfer from a printed page to the back of your stamp.

view 5-page PDF sample of Intermediate album

Specialized album - C$60 (price includes the Novice and Intermediate albums above)

The 'Specialized' album is for the collector who enjoys a challenge. It features one example of nearly every regularly issued variety (errors, complete booklets and booklet panes excluded).

Included here are the different gum types, each booklet position (for straight and cut sides), perforation style, etc. Small images of all booklet panes are illustrated on the respective pages (see PDF sample).

This set of album pages are organized by denomination. All of the various varieties for a single denomination/colour are found on the same page (or, in some cases, several pages!).

Actually, there are 3 types of pages (you can download all for the one price of $60, if you wish):

  • for mint collectors, includes gum types, 150/250 phosphor screens, and APS/Kampf perforation styles. Nearly 2,300 different single stamps are included in this set.
view 4-page PDF sample
  • for mint collectors, with gum types but ignoring the 150/250 phosphor screens, and APS/Kampf perforation styles
  • for used collectors (without pictures), excluding gum types and 150/250 phosphor screens and APS/Kampf perforation styles

Five separate PDF files for each type will be provided: Pre-decimal, Decimal, Anniversary, NVI, and Regionals.

Faststamps / Horizon labels - free

The pages for the Horizon labels are very generic due to the number of different varieties that exist (but not yet fully known). You decide which page(s) to print. Click to download.

NOT included in any of these sets:

Direction of print, errors and varieties, perfins, non-Great Britain Machins, booklet panes.

Album Feature Comparison

  Free! $30 $45 $60
Feature Basic Novice Intermediate Specialized
Value size
(narrow vs wide)
Value font
Elliptical perforations
Service inscribed
Security features
Revised portrait
(EME image)
Printing method  
Phosphor bands
(and ACP, PCP, PPP)
Symbol type    
Head type    
(coil, booklet, sheet)
Value type    
Value setting    
Screened values    
Back prints    
(OCP, FCP, PCP1 vs 2)
JET phosphor      
Phosphor width (8mm vs 9.5mm, etc.)      
Booklet position      
Perforation style (APS, Kampf)      
Phosphor screen (150, 250)      
Total pages 30 Type: 100
Denomination: 281
378 546
Cost for colour PDF file Free both for
anadian $30
Canadian $45  Canadian $60
   Click for PDF file


Nov 13/22

Faststamp / Horizon labels


Apr 3/23

View 4-page samples:
* by 'type'
* by 'denomination'

Apr 3/23

View 4-page sample

Apr 3/23

View 4-page sample

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* pages are designed for 8 1/2 x 11 inches.

* pages are 'secured' Adobe PDF which allows you to print, but not copy/alter. I wish I could provide them as non-secured, but am cognizant of the high risk of theft. Wouldn't you want to protect your work?

* you print the pages at your leisure on the paper of your choosing; printed pages are not supplied.

* all updated pages will require re-mounting of stamps from your existing pages to the new pages.

* an unlocked (PDF), 'blank' page with a header is available. A Word document is also available.

* after payment, PayPal should re-direct you to the appropriate set of pages (I will also confirm receipt of payment and the link with an e-mail, usually within 24 hours).

* all future updates are free.

* no catalogue numbers are presented as there are several to choose from and they are subject to change.

* all issue dates are shown as "Mar 13/11" (month day/year).

* see the "Album Feature Comparison" below for the amount of specialization found on each set of pages.

* each set is 'unique' and quite different from the others. That is, the Intermediate set does not 'add on' or 'fit into' the Novice due to the number of different varieties.

* the pages are not presented in date (i.e. year) order.

* actual stamps are not included (yes, I have been asked this a couple of times!).

* sorry, the pages are only available in English.

* you print the pages; not myself. Actual stamps and/or mounts are not included.

Fonts used:

Header: Aurea Inline 18pt

Titles: Univers 12pt bold

Printing/perf: Adobe Garamond Pro 9pt

Colour, captions (dates, etc.): Arial Narrow

Disclaimer: We apologize for any errors of information that might be present. Your feedback is appreciated.

For even more varieties on Machin stamps, check out The Complete Deegam Machin Handbook (simply the best Machin
 handbook available anywhere) by Douglas Myall - click for details.

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