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Mammals/Architecture/Queen Elizabeth II Definitive Series 1987-2001, Second Edition

340 pages, coil bound


The following are new (or significantly updated) items added to this second edition:

  • digital recreations of press sheets
  • rate cover illustrations
  • product announcement brochures and posters
  • first day covers (OFDC and private) illustrated
  • references to relevant articles published in specific society journals (RPSC, BNAPS, ESG)
  • auction realizations of significant errors
  • colour images (where available, nearly 100%)
  • new valuation system

Digital recreation of press sheets


PS14 (stamp announcement brochures)


Private first day covers


Detailed stamp listings




This is being sold in two formats:

1 Colour Colour

Price: $75.00*

2 Downloadable 'locked' PDF PDF

The 'locked' PDF has clickable links throughout the document so you can jump from topic to topic very quickly.

Printing of the PDF has been disabled.

Download it to your laptop, tablet or other device.

Price: $30.00

* the printed version includes free access to the downloadable 'locked' PDF

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