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Introduction to this site (PNCs):
(page updated: Jul 20/04)

Plate numbers were added to the bottom of the design on US coil stamps in April 1981. The first stamp with a plate number was the 18c Flag over Sea (sc#1891). Since then the popularity of US Plate Number Coils (PNCs) has grown tremendously. There are over 932 different plate numbers listed on this site ... and growing. Many collectors have made this a specialty unto its own, including the preparation of great exhibits.

By the way, there are a few booklet singles that have a plate number at the bottom of the design. These are included in these listings.

My father and I accumulate used US stamps by purchasing mixtures, by the pound. One of the things we look for are used PNCs. The challenge drives us to hunt for even more of these stamps.

The pages found on this site reflect the collecting of used PNCs. As a collector in Canada, our supply of used US stamps is not as great as US-based collectors would be. However, that does not dampen our spirits. The lists that follow include (I hope) all known US PNCs. In addition, I have included a checklist of those PNCs that we have - we welcome trading our duplicates for those that we need.

These lists do not reflect the other popular method of collecting US PNCs - mint strips of 3 or 5 (the latter preferred by most).

The listings that appear here are aimed at the collector of used US PNC singles - varieties associated with mint collections may be noted but are not the primary concern.

Information for the lists was put together over the past 15+ years and obtained from 4 primary sources: Trends of Stamp Values published in the June 10/02 Linn's Stamp News, the Scott US Specialized catalogue by Scott Publishing Co., the Plate Number Coil Collectors Club (PNC3) web site, and the Coil Corner website (Ewing, NJ, USA).

I will post new PNC finds as I hear about them (from stamp-related newsgroups, press, etc.). If you have heard of a new PNC that is not listed here, please drop myself a note (e-mail to: Robin Harris). Check the "What's New" page the next time you visit.

Navigating this site (US PNCs):

I have attempted to provide a site that is easy to use and move through and around. There are many links that will take you from one stamp to another (buttons at the top right of each stamp listing), or one section to another (menu at left side of screen).

Each PNC-related stamp has its own page - it is just a matter of getting to that page to see the information provided. Found on the individual stamp page are the listings of known plate numbers and our "want list".

Clicking on the PNC logo at the top of each page will take you to the PNC 'home' page. The Top icon will "jump" you to the top of the current page.

At the top right of each stamp listing page are these 3 buttons: . The left and right icons will move you to the previous (or next) stamp (based on denomination). Use the home icon to return to the US PNC home page.

Good luck and happy PNC hunting. I hope you enjoy your visit. Top

Scott numbers are copyright Scott Publishing Co.
Values shown (US$) are from the Trends of Stamp Values published in the June 10, 2002 Linn's Stamp News.

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