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(page updated: Nov 16/02)

Term Description
Printers In virtually all cases, the printer of a PNC stamp can be determined by the presence of a single letter code at the start of the plate number:
(none)Bureau of Engraving and Printing (Washington, DC)
(none)3M Company (St. Paul, MN)
AAmerican Bank Note Company (Guilford, CT)
BBanknote Corporation of America (Guilford, CT)
DAvery Dennison Security Printing Division (Clinton, SC)
SStamp Venturers (Richmond, VA)
SSennett Security Products (Columbus, WI)
VAvery Dennison

Each coloured number in the plate number designates the plate used for that respective coloured ink. For example, a plate number of 1111 notes that plate 1 was used for each and every ink colour. Thus, a plate number of 1231 indicates that a 2nd plate for the blue colour was used and a 3rd plate was used for the red colour.

A letter at the end of the plate number indicates that more than 9 plates were required for an ink colour so the numbering began back at 1. That is 1111A means that this is really the 10th plate for each ink colour.

Die cut Self-adhesive stamps do not have perforations in the normal sense of the term.

Perforations, on water-activated stamps, result from punching holes through the paper. When stamps are separated from each other, minute paper fibers will be present.

Self-adhesive stamps are die cut. In some cases the stamps 'touch' each other; in other cases there is a gap left between stamps.

Three types of die cutting have been used on US coils, as illustrated:

  • micro-cut - tiny horizontal serrations
  • clean cut
  • serpentine - small paper fibers join adjacent stamps
Die cutting
Square / round corners Die cutting at all four corners of a self adhesive stamp can produce either square corners or rounded corners, as illustrated:

Die cutting

This is because of the size of coil that the stamp comes from: square corners are from rolls of 100; rounded corners are from the large-size rolls of 3,000 or 10,000.

Stamps that come with both square and rounded corners include:

H (33c) Hat (3265-66)
33c Flag over City (3281-82)
34c Statue of Liberty (3466-67)
34c United We Stand (3550-50A)
37c Flag (3632-33)

Scott numbers are copyright Scott Publishing Co.
Values shown (US$) are from the Trends of Stamp Values published in the June 10, 2002 Linn's Stamp News.

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