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US 32c Flag Over Porch -
Blue 1996

(page updated: Sep 1/99)

Flow diagram (27k)The Blue 1996 year date stamps are all self-adhesive. They come either in booklet or coil form.

Step 2separate the Blue 1996 stamps into two piles: booklet versus coil.

Step 3the booklet version has 2 possible positions: s/e left or s/e right. The scott number for any position from the booklet is 2920d.

The booklet stamps exist with or without a divot. These can be relatively hard to detect but do double (from 2 to 4) the number of varieties to search for.

Step 4The coil was printed in rolls of 10000 and an experimental roll of 100. The conventional roll has 15 peaks on either side of the stamp and is perforated 11½ (scott number 2915B); the experimental roll has 12 peaks on either side and is perf 10 (see step 5). There is just 1 plate number for either version. Click for PNC list.

Step 5the experimental roll of 100 (12 peaks, perf 10) exists in two forms. It either begins and ends with a Valley or begins/ends with a Peak. The V/V version consists of ½V, 12 full peaks, and ½V. The P/P version consists of ½P, 11 full peaks, and ½P. The scott number for either version is 3133. This stamp is very scarce in used condition. It was issued March 14, 1997 yet still has a 1996 year date!

2915b 3133 2920d
15 peaks
perf 11.5
12 peaks
perf 10

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