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US 32c Flag Over Porch -
Large blue 1995

(page updated: Nov 27/01)

Flow diagram (25k)The Blue 1995 year date comes in two sizes: big and small. The larger size date is wider than the white stripe at the lower left of the design whereas the small size date is smaller than this white strip.

Step 2separate the big blue 1995 stamps into two piles: water-activated (rough perfs) versus self-adhesive.

Sorting caution: a 'perf all-around' stamp is NOT necessarily a sheet, water-activated stamp. A self-adhesive booklet containing 20 stamps and a label includes a stamp with 'perfs' all around.

Step 2Water-activated stamps come either from sheets (perforations on all four sides) or coils (perfs on only the left and right side). This latter stamp was only available in rolls of 10,000 stamps (one plate number) - not a size used by the regular household, thus it is a bit more difficult to find. The sheet stamp is sc#2897; the coil is sc#2914. Click for PNC list.

Self-adhesive stamps come in either booklet or coil format. The coil format was produced strictly for philatelic purposes and sold through the philatelic centre. Only 396 rolls of 5,000 were printed. Thus, this stamp is even harder to find than the one noted in the previous paragraph. The plate number appears on every 20th stamp. The roll has the stamps printed about 4mm apart. The coil is sc# 2915. Click for PNC list.

Step 2The self-adhesive booklet stamps offer the most challenge of the big blue 1995 stamps (over 375 million complete booklets were printed).

Separate them first into those that have a valley at the upper left (from a pane of 20 + 1 label) or a peak at the upper left (from a pane of 15). There are 8 possible positions for the valley stamps and 6 positions for the peak stamps, as illustrated (the full pane of stamps is larger than that shown).

The valley stamps come with or without divots at the "perforated" corners. These can be tough to identify.

[You want to collect all of the complete booklets? The pane of 20 exists with 26 plate numbers, 3 different liner backing and 2 different text backings! The pane of 15 has 32 types while the pane of 30 has 48 types!]

All of these booklet stamps, regardless of peak or valley, are assigned just one sc#: 2920 [Scott originally assigned # 2920b to the large date variety but subsequently changed it around 1998].

That's it for the Big Blue 1995 Flag over Porch stamp: some 25 major varieties (plus two plate number singles) with just 4 scott numbers.

2897 2914 2915
water activated
water activated

2920 valley (90k)
booklet, valley at UL

2920 peak (58k)
booklet, peak at UL

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