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Introduction to this site (FOP)
(page updated: Sep 13/01)

What began in 1995 as the release of a new "Flag over ..." design in coil and booklet formats has turned into one of the USA's most (11k) complicated modern-era single-design collecting field. During the past few of years, many letters to the editor have appeared in various stamp newspapers and journals chastising the US Postal Service for allowing so many different varieties to be issued for a single stamp design. However, as a collector of used material, I wish there were even more varieties!

The Mystic Stamp Company, one of the United States' leading stamp companies, routinely advertises the "complete set of 12" Flag over Porch stamps on the back cover of Linn's Stamp News. Scott Publishing has assigned 12 major catalogue numbers to this one design. However, as we will see, there are 68 easily identifiable "major" varieties (plus 53 plate number singles) from this single design.

How does one distinguish between all of the varieties? Surprisingly, it is quite easy to sort your Flag over Porch stamps into all of the different varieties. That is what this site is all about.

Before we get started with the details of sorting please read this background on the terminology which includes some basic guidelines.

Navigating this site (US Flag over Porch):

I have attempted to provide a site that is easy to use and move through and around. There are many links that will take you from one stamp to another, or one section to another.

Each Flag over Porch "date" stamp has its own page - it is just a matter of getting to that page to see the information provided. Found on the individual stamp page are sorting notes and a flow diagram illustrating the varieties.

Clicking on the "Adminware" logo at the top of each page will take you to Adminware Corporation's home page (that's me!). The Top icon will "jump" you to the top of the current page.

At the top of each stamp listing page are these 3 buttons: . The left and right icons will move you to the previous (or next) stamp in "year sequence". Use the home icon to return to the US Flag over Porch home page (the one you are currently reading).

Good luck and happy "Porch" hunting. I hope you enjoy your visit. Top

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