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US 32c Flag Over Porch -
Red 1995

(page updated: Sep 1/99)

Flow diagram (13k)The Red 1995 year date stamps are all water-activated. They come either in booklet or coil form.

Step 2separate the Red 1995 stamps into two piles: booklet versus coil.

Step 2the booklet version has 4 possible positions: s/e left, s/e right, s/e left & bottom, s/e right & bottom. The scott number for any position from the booklet is 2916.

The coil was printed in rolls of 100, 500, 3000, or 10,000. Single stamps cannot be differentiated between these different size rolls (unless it is a PNC). There are 14 different plate number combinations available. The scott number for the coil is 2913. Click for PNC list.

2913 2916
water activated
water activated

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