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1st Class (D-H)


32c Flag (15k) 32c Flag over Porch
Blue 1996
15 peaks, perf 11.5

(page updated: Aug 17/02)

1st seen: Jun 15/96

Also exists:

12 peaks, perf 10

Large blue 1995
Red 1995
Red 1996
Red 1997

See also:

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Scott# Pl# Used$ Have?
2915B S11111 2.75

32c Flag (15k) 32c Flag over Porch
Blue 1996
12 peaks, perf 10

1st seen: Mar 14/97

Serpentine die-cut Peak/Peak Valley/Valley
Scott# Pl# Used$ Have? Used$ Have?
3133 M11111 3.25 3.25

Scott numbers are copyright Scott Publishing Co.
Values shown (US$) are from the Trends of Stamp Values published in the June 10, 2002 Linn's Stamp News.

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