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Flag Over Porch FAQ     (Frequently Asked Questions)
(page updated: Sep 1/99)

1What is 'FOP'?

'FOP' is shorthand for Flag Over Porch.

2Why are there are so many varieties?

There are a number of contributing factors:

  • The 32c first class postal rate in the United States was in effect for a relatively long period of time. As such, billions of definitives were needed. Since the Flag over Porch design was the design of choice, it was reprinted as demands dictated.

  • definitive stamps are released to the general public in at least 3 formats: sheet, coil, and booklet.

  • more than 1 printer was involved in printing this design.

  • the popularity of self-adhesive stamps grew exponentially during the life of this stamp. As a result, most of the Flag over Porch are self-adhesive, rather than the water-activated type.

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