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US 32c Flag Over Porch -
Small blue 1995

(page updated: Nov 27/01)

Flow diagram (10k)The Small Blue 1995 version only exists in booklet form and was the forerunner to the Large blue 1995 stamp. It was the first self-adhesive Flag over Porch booklet printed. After just one plate number was used, the size of the year date was enlarged and the "Large Blue 1995" stamp was created.

Just 1.25 million complete booklets were printed (compared to over 375 million of the Large Blue 1995 version). As a result, these stamps are relatively scarce to find in used condition.

There are eight (8) positions possible, including a perforated all around which would be the preferred type wanted by most collectors. The scott number is 2920b [Scott originally assigned # 2920 to the large date variety but subsequently changed it around 1998].


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