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1st Class (D-H)


1c American Kestrel (15k) 1c American Kestrel
(page updated: Nov 13/03)

1st seen: Jan 20/96

The order of the coloured plate numbers varies, as noted.

Scott# Pl# Used$ Have?
Sc 3044:
  • 1996 year date is smaller (1mm wide)
  • top serifs of '1' are horizontal
Sc 3044a:
  • 1996 year date is larger (1.5mm wide)
  • top serifs of '1' point down (sorry, I don't have a copy to
    illustrate - visit the PNC3 website for an illustration)
3044 black, yellow, cyan, magenta 1111 0.40
3044 black, cyan, yellow, magenta 1111 0.55
yellow, magenta, cyan, black
3044a untagged 1111 0.55
3044a tagged 1111
3044a 2222 0.55
3044a 3333
3044a 4444

Scott numbers are copyright Scott Publishing Co.
Values shown (US$) are from the Trends of Stamp Values published in the June 10, 2002 Linn's Stamp News.

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