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Unitrade Specialized Catalogue of Canadian Stamps
2008 Edition

Updated: Oct 15/07

Click for errata (updated Mar 30/08)

I am the editor of the Unitrade Specialized Catalogue of Canadian Stamps. The 2008 edition was sent to the printer on August 19, 2007 and began shipping from Unitrade Associates on September 25, 2007.

I do not sell the catalogue. Please contact the publisher (Unitrade Associates) directly or your favourite stamp dealer. I have also noticed listings on e-Bay.


  Here are some highlights:

  • many/most of the illustrations in the following sections have been re-scanned to give better quality: Officially Sealed, Wildlife Habitat Conservation, Prisoner of War Free Franks, Canada Post Souvenir Articles, early postal stationery images
  • consistent numbering of booklet singles (including numbering those that had not been previously numbered). This was done by adding a lower case "s" to the end of the booklet pane number. Note that only non-Scott numbered booklet singles have been designated this way.
  • continue to add more images of specific varieties (when made available to us)
  • continue to have consistency throughout the listings (this will continue with future editions) and correct the annoying typographical errors (some of which have been around for many years!). We cannot guarantee that we have found all of them ... but we will correct any that are reported to us.
  • uncut press sheets have been summarized (and several illustrated) on their own page
  • Special event covers, custom and commemorative envelopes are listed in the Unitrade for the first time
  • to save space, stamp images from Sc # 606 have been reduced to 80% of actual size
  • Topical index of stamp subjects has been added (to be expanded in future editions)
  • a few more definitive checklist tables have been added
  • the price remains the same as the previous three year's editions: CAN$42.95

Despite all of the additions, only 16 more pages were added to the catalogue (it is now 608 pages).

  Wanted - we need your help:

For future editions (preferably the 2009), we would love to get new images of the following...

  • IMAGES: on my "to do" list is to improve the images in the following sections. If you have all (or nearly all) of these stamps, and live in Canada, please contact me:
    • Large Queens
    • Air Post Semi-Official issues
    • early Newfoundland
    • any constant plate variety that is not yet illustrated

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