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Why is our journal called the Corgi Times?
Queen Elizabeth II has several Corgis. This is the continuation of a long family tradition begun by her father, King George VI. Corgis have since become a symbol of the present royal family.



   The May/June 2024 Corgi Times was e-mailed to members on June 4.



BNAPS (British North America Philatelic Society) has many specialized study groups.

The Elizabethan II Study Group is devoted to the study of the stamps of Canada issued during the reign of Queen Elizabeth II (1952 to present). This represents over 2,750 stamps of Canada!

Our journal, The Corgi Times, is published 6 times a year.

General publication schedule
issue distributed approximately...
Jan-Feb First week of February
Mar-Apr First week of April
May-Jun First week of June
Jul-Aug First week of August
Sep-Oct First week of October
Nov-Dec First week of December

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