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The John D. Arn White Queen Award

Revised: October 2023 [download as PDF version]



To recognize and encourage exhibitors who have worked hard for excellence of presentation of Canadian Elizabethan II material.

Award Criteria:

The Elizabethan II Study Group (ESG) John D. Arn White Queen Award1 may be awarded at any local, regional or national show provided:

  • there are a minimum of two Canadian Elizabethan II exhibits2 in competition
  • in the event of only one Canadian Elizabethan II exhibit the White Queen may be awarded provided the exhibit received at least a Silver award and in the opinion of the jury otherwise meets the criteria
  • Canadian Elizabethan-era literature is also eligible, provided there are a minimum of two Elizabethan II-era literature entries in a recognized literature competition (if only one title is entered, then it must have received at least a Silver award and in the opinion of the jury otherwise meets the criteria)

It is intended by ESG to have excellence in presentation rewarded regardless of the medal level awarded the exhibit. The “White Queen” need not automatically go to the highest medal level exhibit. It should be awarded to the exhibit that best exemplifies the high standards of philatelic exhibit presentation using the following criteria

  • Layout - the balanced and eye appealing arrangement of exhibit pages; highlighting of an exhibit’s material.
  • Title page - provides the viewer with a logical roadmap to follow in viewing the exhibit. It is written in concise, yet descriptive terms.
  • Logic of presentation - the flow of pages in telling the material’s story is logical. The material is pertinent to and within the parameters set down by the title.
  • Write-up - is pertinent, brief, non-redundant and provides meaningful information.
  • Neatness - the pages are clean. The write-up method is neat and tidy. The mounts are subtle and even.

The decision of the judges is final.

The award winner will receive the “White Queen” pin (illustrated above) at the time of exhibiting. Upon receipt of the show’s final Award Report, a first-time “White Queen” award winner will receive free membership with the Elizabethan II Study Group> and receive the Corgi Times, the award-winning newsletter (multiple-time award winners may receive more than one pin). It is crucial that the exhibitor’s complete address be provided on the Award Report form.

Pin Distribution Contact:

Available to all shows (local, Regional or National)

David Freeman




* All John D. Arn White Queen Award reports must be returned to Robin Harris at PO Box 2243, Beausejour, MB R0E 0C0 Canada.

1 John D. Arn was the founder of the Elizabethan II Study Group and the first editor of the Corgi Times bi-monthly newsletter. In Canadian philately, the “White Queen” is the nickname given to a spectacular missing colour error on the 14¢ Queen Elizabeth II issued in 1978 whereby the entire red background of the design is missing.

Left: normal; Right: "White Queen" error

2 An Elizabethan II exhibit must be entirely from Canada Post material released and/or postally used during the reign of Queen Elizabeth. That is, between February 6, 1952 and September 8, 2022.


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