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Updated: Aug 24/18

The Adminware(tm) for International Student Program is an all-encompassing database developed in the Windows(tm) environment using the popular Microsoft Access as the underlying source.

Step through the various modules by choosing an option in the left menu bar or clicking on a button in the image below. Here is the 'Main Switchboard' of the program...

  • module/menu driven
  • each module has own security (add/edit/look/deny)
  • use mouse or keyboard to access modules
  • toolbar (illustrated at right) has icon shortcuts to the various modules

System Requirements:

  • Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP
  • Microsoft Access 2000 or newer on each workstation with latest service pack update
  • 128Mb RAM (or more, particular if running on a network)
  • monitor to display at 800x600 (or better)
  • this program is not web-based


Installation consists of just a few files and takes just a few minutes. The files are simply copied into a c:\iep folder on your computer.

If you pass along your union logo and signature we can scan them and pass them back to you (or you can scan them yourself). These will then print on the respective reports.

Program Updates:
The program has evolved based on the on-going feedback and suggestions from staff (such as yourself) who have been using the program - this updating will continue.

If you have a specific need or request for a feature not currently in the program (such as a new field or a specific report), please let us know and we will include it in a future update. The program is constantly being customized to meet your needs (your ideas are incorporated into the program and are then shared by all other users).

If your office happens to be in southern Manitoba then we will make every effort to visit your office and meet directly to observe your specific needs and include any new features that are required to make this program even more useful.  


The complete program is priced at C$2,650.00, plus applicable taxes (PST + GST in Manitoba, and GST/HST across Canada). You can install it on as many computers in your office as needed, either in a network environment and/or also on a laptop.

On-site training, if desired (but likely not needed), is at the full expense of the purchaser (travel, room, board, etc.)

The price includes any updates and minor customization required in the first six months. Updates and other minor customization after that time may be billable. Extensive customization will be charged on an hourly basis and billed monthly.

Also included in the price:

  • unlimited phone/e-mail support
  • if possible, conversion of existing data (e.g. in Excel or another database format)
  • scanning of division logo to JPG, BMP and ICO formats
  • documentation (as it becomes available)


Robin Harris
Adminware Corporation
PO Box 104
Seddons Corner, MB R0E 1X0

Phone: (204) 268-9395

Disclaimer: screen shots may not not be exactly as found in the current version of the program due to on-going updates and enhancements.

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