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Self-adhesive Die Cut “Perforation” Gauge

Over the past several months I have been “tweaking” a perforation gauge that can be used on the modern self-adhesive stamps issued by Canada Post, most notably the Flower coils.

Various transparent perforation gauges on the market offer a range from 10 up to 18 (Instanta) or 8 to 16 (Linn’s Multi-Gauge). Unfortunately, the modern-day self-adhesive stamps have gauges ranging from 6 to 9, which fall below the Instanta gauge.

The gauge I came up with, ranges from 5.3 up to 10. The template was passed onto fellow ESG member Mirko Zatka of Zatka Philately in Calgary, AB to produce as a business venture.

[The gauge, created in Adobe Photoshop and printed onto clear acetate through a standard laser printed, is accurate enough to determine the die cut measurements on the modern-era Canadian stamps.]

After much thought and consideration it will not be sold for-profit. Instead, Mirko and I have agreed to distribute the gauge via the Elizabethan II Study Group with any proceeds being donated to the ESG. Mirko will produce the gauge and cover the printing costs himself while I will distribute the gauges via the ESG.

Although it is not-for-profit, there is a small cost to offset the printing and distribution. Here is the ‘official’ blurb on this:

While perforation gauges are common among stamp collectors, no gauge has been found in the marketplace that allows measurement of die-cuts on the current Flower definitive coil series due to their coarse nature. Thanks to a couple of members of the BNAPS Elizabethan II Stamp Study Group, such a gauge has now been created to help collectors work with this issue. It has been produced on clear plastic film, with measurements ranging from gauge 5.3 to 10.0. The gauge is available by mail in return for a postage donation (mint Canadian stamps only, please) to the Study Group of $2.50 per gauge and a SASE #10 envelope. For gauges to be mailed outside Canada and the US, please send an additional $2.50 in mint Canadian stamps to cover return postage (no SASE required).

Requests should be sent to:

The Editor, Corgi Times
P.O. Box 2243
Beausejour, MB R0E 0C0

  In summary, to order:
(to offset costs; this is a not-for-profit venture)

Send the following to the address at left.

  • To Canada and USA:

    $2.50 in mint Canadian postage stamps and a Self-addressed Stamped Envelope (SASE)
  • To International:

    $5.00 in mint Canadian postage stamps or C$/US$ cash

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