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Robin Harris

PO Box 2243
Beausejour, MB R0E 0C0

Life Member of RPSC, BNAPS and APS.
(At the moment) I do not buy collections.


Do NOT mail me anything (including stamps) unless I request. I am not responsible for any unsolicited mailings.

Visit my website for information directed at the discriminating Canadian stamp collector or Machin collector.

What you see in the store so far is just a sampling of items that are available.

It is hoped that new items will be added almost daily - please stop by again ... or create a want list (via 'My Account' when signed in).

  • Used Canadian Elizabethan-era stamps (many used souvenir sheets are still gummed after actual usage on large parcels).
  • Canada new-issue service.
  • Used USA modern-era stamps.
  • Used Machin older-era stamps.
  • Album pages: Canada, Great Britain Machins.
Why this store?
  • I have been a stamp collector since the mid- to late-'60s; I, like other collectors, have many duplicates (literally, 2+ million used Canadian and USA stamps). It is time to dispose of these. It is hoped that these items will find a nice home.
  • All prices are in Canadian dollars.
  • Applicable taxes need to be charged for Canadian shipments.
  • I must collect Manitoba Retail Sales Tax (7%) on orders shipped to a Manitoba address.
  • Where possible the actual item being offered for sale will have a hi-res scan (most at 300 dpi). Larger items may be scanned at 150 dpi to reduce file size and improve image loading.
  • Every scan is done outside of mounts so that the clear plastic does not 'dull' the image; resulting in better clarity.
  • In some instances (where multiple quantities of the same variety are available), a 'stock image' scan will be presented (these will ne noted). You will receive either the exact item being illustrated or one of similar quality.
  • Discounts are not combined.
  • The 'weekly', 'monthly', or 'seasonal' features must be purchased in the time period specified. SImply adding to the cart is not enough.
  • Your net purchases (after discount, excluding shipping and taxes) accumulate - once your totals reach $500, you will get a 5% discount on all new orders; over $1,000, a 10% discount will be applied. As noted though, discounts are not combined.
  • Shipping will be added to orders:
    • Canada (orders under $150): $2.00
    • USA: $2.75
    • International: $6.00
  • If you would like to pay for registration/XpressPost on any order, the additional costs are a minimum of:
    • Canada: $17.50
    • USA: $35.00
    • International: $60.00
  • Bulkier items ( ) require additional postage. I will let you know any additional postage charges prior to shipping.
  • Shipping to North America and selected EU countries only.
  • Unless noted, all items ship from Beausejour, Manitoba, Canada.
  • Condition, condition, condition - that is the catch-phrase for stamp collectors. Every effort has been made to only include items of F-VF or better quality. I am very surprised how difficult it is to find used VF Canadian stamps for certain issues (with the exception of self-adhesive stamps which are rarely damaged). When selecting stamps for this store, factors such as cancellation (preferably 'light') and perforations (none missing) are important condition considerations.
  • Your satisfaction is important.
Search tips:
  • 'Less is more'. The less criteria you give, the more items will be found.
Want list:
  • Can't find something that falls in my 'specialities" (listed at left)? Create a want list (via 'My Account' when signed in).
  • This shopping cart has been developed from the 'ground up' by myself. It is hoped that all 'bugs' have been squashed. If you find one, please report it to me and I will get the Raid on it immediately.
  • Adminware is not responsible for losses of purchased items that occur in the mailstream, unless the items have been sent by registered (or equivalent) tracked service. All non-tracked items are sent at the buyer's risk).
  • First come, first served - your shopping cart is a temporary holding place; since nearly all items on this site are essentially 'one of a kind', it is entirely possible that an item in your cart could sell to someone else if they are quicker in their payment of an order.
  • If you don't complete your cart/order in a timely manner (typically 2-3 days), items may disappear from your cart (but we will send you an e-mail beforehand).
  • I may have similar items to those that appear here - please inquire/send your want list.
  • If desired, select all of the items you would like and e-mail me with your completed order and I will send you a PayPal payment request.
  • e-Transfer or PayPal accepted. I do not accept credit cards, but you can pay via PayPal using your credit card (with details known only to PayPal).
  • I do not see any of your financial information.
  • I will e-mail you when orders are completed and when items ship.
  • An e-mail may be sent prior to removing items from an unfilled shopping cart.
  • If you have indicated a want list, I will e-mail you when something becomes available.
  • I may send out (e-mail) discount coupons from time to time.
  • I will not sell your name/mailing information/sales/etc. to anyone.
  • I store the information shown in your 'Profile' - name, address and any alternate mailing addresses. Items from your past orders are also retained for your referral.

Full transparency: Yes, I am the editor of the Unitrade Specialized Catalogue of Canadian Stamps, but I am not directly involved in the price listings - that is left up to stamp dealers across the country who buy and sell on a daily basis.

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