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Canada 1999 Stamp Programme
Issue date Description Ptr Pap Notes
Jan 8Chinese New Year: Year of the Rabbit
  • 46c single (pane of 25)
  • 95c souvenir sheet
  • 95c souvenir sheet, overprinted for Hong Kong show
  • uncut press sheet of 12
AP C  
Feb 1746c Theatre du Rideau Vert CBN C pane of 16
Feb 2446c Birds (block of 4)
  • pane of 20
  • booklet of 12 self-adhesive with simulated perfs
  • uncut press sheet
Mar 946c Museum of Anthropology of the University of British Columbia   C pane of 16
Mar 1946c Marco Polo (joint issue with Australia)

  • single (pane of 16)
  • $1.25 souvenir sheet containing 1 46c Canada and 1 85c Australia stamp pic

    The sheet and SS single have different perforations!

AP C  
Mar 3146c Scenic Highways (block of 4) AP C pane of 20
Apr 146c Nunavut AP C pane of 20
Apr 1246c International Year of Older Persons CBN C pane of 16
Apr 1946c Sikh CBN C pane of 16
Apr 2746c Orchids (4 designs in booklet of 12) pic
(see also Study Tip #8 article)
AP C  
Apr 29Traditional trades (low-value definitives) pic
  • 1c Bookbinding
  • 2c Decorative Ironwork
  • 3c Glass-blowing
  • 4c Oyster Farming
  • 5c Weaving
  • 9c Quilting
  • 10c Artistic Woodworking
  • 25c Leatherworking
AP C panes of 100
May 1Revised envelopes (straight edge seam)
  • 46c Hairy Woodpecker - size 8 envelope
  • 46c Great Crested Flycatcher - size 10 envelope
[Originally released Dec 28/98 w/cross back seam]
Jun 246c Horses (set of 4)
  • pane of 16
  • booklet of 12 self-adhesive with simulated perfs
AP C  
Jun 346c Quebec Bar Association CBN C pane of 16
Jun 7Canada Post's Heritage Club (commemorative envelope w/cancelled 46c Year of Older Persons stamp)      
Jun 24Saskatchewan Wheat Pool (commemorative envelope w/cancelled 46c Flag)      
Jun46c Maple Leaf (self-adhesive coil) - announced but NEVER released!      
Jun 30National Capital Commission (commemorative envelope w/cancelled 46c Flag)      
Jul 295c Masterpieces of Canadian Art - Coq Iicorne AP C pane of 16
Jul 1246c Pan-American Games, Winnipeg MB (block of 4) AP C pane of 16
Jul ?46c Flag over Iceberg - self-adhesive booklet of 30 with revised cover and imprint (pic)      
Aug 1$8.50 Canadian Wildlife Habitat Conservation
  • pane of 1
  • pane of 16
AP C  
Aug 2146c Orchids - Souvenir Sheet of 4
(see also Study Tip #8 article)
AP C  
Aug 2246c World Rowing Championships AP C pane of 20
Aug 2646c Universal Postal Union CBN C pane of 20
Sep 3$1.29 Francophone Summit Postcard (non-denominated; valid to anywhere in the world)
same design as used on a postage stamp issued Nov 6/95 (sc#1589)
Sep 446c Canadian Air Force (pane of 16 different designs) CBN C  
Sep 446c Canadian International Air Show (pane of 4 different designs) CBN C  
Sep 15$59.99 - The Millennium Collection; hardbound book containing 68 different stamps celebrating the Millennium (see also Tips article)

click for list of subjects and pictures

Sep 2146c North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) AP C pane of 16
Sep 2446c Frontier College (Ontario) CBN C pane of 16
Oct 146c Kites (set of 4) self-adhesive stamp pack of 8      
Oct 12$8.99 "Official Millennium Keepsake", featuring Doves
  • 45c souvenir sheet - "future of stamp production" (hologram)
  • 52c souvenir sheet - child holding dove (lithography)
  • 95c souvenir sheet - dove on branch (engraved)

  • set of 3 in "Keepsake", with international, non-denominated post card (for $8.99)
  • each also available in panes of 4 (at face value)
  • 45c available in press sheet of 9 @ $79.99
Nov 446c, 55c, 95c Christmas - Victorian Angels

panes and booklets of each

Dec 1746c Millennium Collection
  • 4 panes of 4 se-tenant designs
    • Media Technologies
    • Canadian Entertainment
    • Extraordinary Entertainers pic
    • Fostering Canadian Talent
    This is the first group of 16 "re-issue" of these stamps. Future dates will be Jan 17, Feb 17, and Mar 17/2000 (each with 4 panes of 4 different stamps).
AP C  

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