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Canada 1997 Stamp Programme
Issue date Description Ptr Pap Notes
Jan 745c Chinese New Year; sheet and souvenir sheet of 2AP P pane of 25
Jan 1045c Birds (four) and two envelopes (size 8 and 10)AP C pane of 20
Feb 1245c Chinese New Year:
souvenir sheet overprinted for Hong Kong show
Feb 1790c Art, A York Boat on Lake WinnipegAP C pane of 16
Mar 345c Canadian TireAP P pane of 12
Mar 2045c Abbé Charles-Émile GadboisCBN C pane of 20
Apr 445c Quebec City Horticultural Fair (Quebec en fleurs)
(booklet of 12 - 1 design)
AP P  
May 33c Black Crowberry - reprint (4th printing)AP C  
May 1245c Victorian Order of Nurses for CanadaAP C pane of 20
May 2345c Law Society of Upper CanadaCBN C pane of 20
May 3045c Ocean Water Fish (block of 4)AP C pane of 20
May 3145c Confederation Bridge (PEI) (pair with centre tab)CBN C pane of 20
Jun 1245c Gilles Villeneuve
90c Gilles Villeneuve
$5.40 Gilles Villeneuve (SS of 8)
CBN C pane of 16
pane of 16
pane of 8
Jun 2445c John Cabot (joint issue with Italy)AP C pane of 20
Jun 3045c Scenic Highways (block of 4)CBN C pane of 20
Jul 7$5 Images of Montreal - 5 postal cards
$5 Images of Toronto - 5 postal cards
$5 Images of Ottawa - 5 postal cards
$10 Canadiana collection - 10 postal cards
Jul 2345c Industrial designCBN C pane of 24 with 24 different "tabs"
Aug 145c Highland GamesCBN C pane of 20
Aug 545c Knights of ColumbusCBN C pane of 25
Aug 1545c Greeting booklet of 10 (reprint)AP C  
Aug 1845c World Congress of the Postal, Telegraph and Telephone InternationalCBN C  
Aug 2545c Canada's Year of Asia PacificCBN C pane of 20
Sep 245c Ontario Scenic Highway - size 8 & 10 window envelope
45c BC Scenic Highway - size 8 & 10 window envelope
Sep 2045c Canada/Russia 1972 hockey series (pair, booklet of 10)AP C  
Sep 2645c Prominent Individuals (block of 4)CBN C pane of 20
Oct 145c Supernatural (block of 4)AP C pane of 16
Oct 15$8 Grizzly Bear picCBN C pane of 4
Nov 345c Christmas (Madonna & Child)

45c booklet of 10
52c booklet of 5
90c booklet of 5

AP C panes of 50
Nov 3 $10 Canadiana collection II - 10 postal cards
Nov 645c Royal Agricultural Winter FairCBN C  

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