Unitrade Specialized Catalogue of Canadian Stamps
Additions and Errata to the 2020 Edition

Updated: May 14/2020

Report a mistake to the editor.

Despite what some think, every possible effort is made to keep the number of mistakes down to a minimum. As I have said many, many times ... even the smallest of mistakes (no matter how trivial) is not acceptable. I thank those who have the time to read the catalogue from cover to cover with a magnifying glass looking for even the smallest mistake.

All reported mistakes have been corrected for the next (2021?) edition.


Additions (new information recently received or missed)
Page Description Date Added

Perf corrections

The following stamps have been showing the incorrect perforation measurement since the 2006 edition! I suspect that all of these mistakes are due to the 'ol "copy/paste" syndrome.

Page Scott # Correct perforaion
212 776-779 13.0 x 13.3
221 873-876 13.0 x 13.3
222 878
879-882; 883-884
13.0 x 13.3
223 889 13.0 x 13.3
234 973-975 13.3
236 998 13.3
604 B4-B6, B7-B9, B10-B12 13.3

Page Description Date Added
134 The caption of the 'cracked plate' should read "315" (not 316). Dec 27/19
173 502qi should read "as 'q'" (not 'a'). Jan 20/2020
498 The printer of Scott 2644 and 2646-48 is Canadian Bank Note (not Lowe-Martin). Feb 14/2020
520 The printer of Scott 2794-2795 is Canadian Bank Note (not Lowe-Martin). Jan 3/2020
522 The printer of Scott 2804 is Canadian Bank Note (not Lowe-Martin). Jan 3/2020
549 Eid die cutting: the images for die cut Type 1 and Type 3 are reversed. May 14/2020
572 3179bi should read "se-tenant pair (3179a–b), die cut to shape from Quarterly Pack"

Delete 3179ai (die cut singles of the individual stamps were not supplied by Canada Post)

The second 3179a should be "c" (booklet pane of 10)


Jan 20/2020
606 The printer of Scott B20 and B22 is Canadian Bank Note (not Lowe-Martin). Jan 3/2020
627 The issue date for CP39-CP53 is Jan 14, 2019 (not Jan 15). Jan 26/2020
712 The new listing of Unitrade 77ii should have been added as Unitrade 75i. Jan 3/2020

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