Unitrade Specialized Catalogue of Canadian Stamps
Errata (and clarifications) to the 2007 Edition

Updated Jan 31/07

Report a mistake to the editor.

Despite what some think, every possible effort is made to keep the number of mistakes down to a minimum. As I have said many, many times ... even the smallest of mistakes (no matter how trivial) is not acceptable. I thank those who have the time to read the catalogue from cover to cover with a magnifying glass looking for even the smallest mistake.

In some instances, the mistake has been in the catalogue for years, based on data received from Canada Post bulletins. Your editor does not own the necessary examples of every stamp and configuration and thanks those readers who are passing on the correct details.

All reported mistakes have been corrected for the next (2008?) edition.

Page Type Description Date Added
49 price The price for a mint F # 43iv should be $50, not $5. Jan 7
52 set totals Some of the set totals for the Jubilee series (Sc. 50-65) are not summed correctly: Complete set of 16 Mint VF should be 11,145.00; Proof set of 16 Mint VF should be 6,010.00, as Mint F should be 3,460.00; Short set of 11 Mint VF 2,145.00; Short Proof set of 11 Mint VF should be 1,860.00, as Mint F should be 1,110.00. Jan 7
81 price The price for a used F # 141 should have a decimal point in front of the 75. Jan 7
130 issue date Scott 318-319 were issued in 1952 (not 1951). Oct 17
131 issue date Scott 322-324 were issued in 1953 (not 1952). Oct 17
132 issue date Scott 325-329 were issued in 1953 (not 1952). Oct 17
179-199 formatting the postal rate footer on the odd pages for the 8c era is missing the closing parentheses. Oct 5
217   Scott 857-858 are printed in a pane of 16 (not 50). Jan 17
305 paper Scott 1467-1471 are printed on Harrison Paper (not Coated). Oct 18
309 paper Scott 1503-1506 are printed on Coated Papers (not Peterborough). Oct 18
335 price alignment The 6.00 price in the PB column of 1630a should be in the FDC column. Jan 31
343 image The image of 1693 is a duplicate image of 1694. It should show the 73c value. Nov 6
356   BK213 is a pane of 1766c (not 1765c); BK213A is a pane of 1766a (not 1765a). Nov 9
380 remove Remove the listings for 1881v and 1881aii - these are exceptional looking counterfeits. Jan 7
391 printer name Scott 1932 is printed by Ashton-Potter Canada Limited. Oct 10
403 caption formatting the caption for 1979 should have the Sc# centered. Oct 5
416 illustration the images of 2026i and 2026ii should be reversed; 2026i is described as "higher" while 2026ii is the "lower" variety. Oct 5
419 caption The caption for the image at the top right of the page (Bulldog pane of 2) should read "2048a" (not 2047a). Jan 17
436 caption The caption for 2124a should read "2 x 2124a" as this full booklet is comprised of two panes of 2124a (as assigned by Scott Publishing) Oct 20
437 number The very last entry on the page should read "Nos. 2135-2139 ..." Jan 11
437 spelling the caption at the lower left of the page should be "Centered" (not centred).

I take that back - we will keep the British/Canadian spelling of "centred and "centring".

Oct 18
469 remove Remove the listing for BK239i - this is an exceptional looking counterfeit. Jan 7
462   BK130a should read "glued flap, with TI" (all of these booklets come only with the inscriptions) Oct 27
472   BK317A is from 2139aii, BK318 is from 2132a, BK319 is from 2133a, BK320 is from 2134a, BK320A is from 2134ai. Oct 18
472 price BK317a and BK317A should be $14 each (to be consistent with the listings seen on page 437). Jan 18
501 price The used VF price for C01a should be 100.00 (not 10.00). Nov 13
525   The date for U168a should read 2002-02-25 (not '05'). Nov 9
535   The description of the Style A surcharge near the top of the second column should read "...4mm high..." (remove the extra cent sign). Jan 7
557   87vi should read 'as "e"'; 87vii should read 'as "g"'. Jan 7
568   The perforation heading for the Long Coronation Issue should read: "Comb. perf 13.5, line perf. 13 1/2 or 14. Jan 7
571-572 duplicate listing Newfoundland # 260 is listed twice (at the bottom of page 571 and the top of page 572). Jan 7

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